About The Friends

We are a nonprofit organization that supports educational, recreational, and cultural programs at EXPO Center, a City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks facility that serves at-risk youth, families and seniors in one of the most densely populated and economically challenged communities in Los Angeles. EXPO Center hosts over 2.3 million visits annually.

Motivated by the economic and social challenges gripping EXPO Center’s neighborhood, and inspired by the potential to effectively empower change, The Friends of EXPO Center’s mission is to assist at-risk youth and their families, and to ultimately position EXPO Center as a vital community resource and national model of youth development, through fundraising and advocacy.

What We Support

Youth Orchestra Los Angeles ([email protected])

The Friends offer a classical music program, in partnership with Harmony Project and the LA Philharmonic. We provide funding, college support, tutoring, classrooms and rehearsal space with 28-hours of lesson time for students at the EXPO Center in an extraordinary program that’s grown from 40 to over 325 children per week.

Kids in Sports @ EXPO Center

Over 6,000 children and teens participate each year in affordable, high-quality volleyball, basketball, soccer, and t-ball programs. Throughout the year EXPO Center offers multiple seasons of league play giving local girls and boys the opportunity to be part of a supportive team, build self-confidence and sportsmanship, and stay physically active. Free sports clinics are held throughout the year to help local youth learn new sports and develop their athletic skills.

Cyber Seniors

For more than 13 years we’ve been training over 2,300 of LA’s seniors to be more connected and computer literate. Over 15 weeks, we offer 4 levels of once weekly, bi-lingual training with free internet access at EXPO Center.

Mambo Mania & Yoga Suave

Our programs promote the health and well-being of south LA’s senior community. Mambo Mania is a fun, full-body workout to Latin rhythms for active seniors. After an hour of working out, we offer soft Latin music, yoga, breathing and light meditation in Yoga Suave. Over 85 seniors participate in these fitness classes per week.

Summer Campership Program

The Friends give economically disadvantaged neighborhood children the opportunity to attend EXPO Center’s exciting day camp, where they swim, play soccer and basketball, make arts and crafts, explore in our computer lab, and play music. Over 4,500 children attend EXPO Center’s Camp programs.

Learn to Swim

To date over 40,000 children have learned life-saving water skills through programs we fund at EXPO Center. During ten one-hour swim classes kids gain confidence and self-esteem in the water with many continuing on to become certified lifeguards.

Afterschool Enrichment for Elementary Students

Our “Walk Crew” and program funded vans bring children ages 5-11 in the Exposition Park area to EXPO Center for engaging academic and recreational activities during critical afterschool hours. Each week, 125 children attend EXPO Center’s afterschool program.

Teen Leadership Program

Our EXPO Computer Clubhouse and Youth FX Urban Media Program are the center of our Teen Leadership Program. More than 250 young people aged 11-17 work with adult mentors to explore their creativity and strengthen technical skills.





EXPO Center is keeping our doors open during the COVID-19 crisis and providing childcare and meals for the families of first responders and frontline workers.

As businesses reopen and our community slowly gets back to work, families need a safe place for their children to play, grow, and learn.  EXPO Center is expanding our services and will provide meals and activities for children and teens in our city-approved daycare and preschool programs. When the coronavirus hit, EXPO Center did what we do best.

We put the needs of our community first.

Help keep our children safe, supported, and healthy.



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